SkySail is a privately owned company founded by myself, Ryan Trenkamp, and launched in 2011, specializing in photography and filmmaking, with a special emphasis on natural history subject matter.

     After growing up on nature documentaries, National Geographic magazine, and a love of all things cinema, it isn't a shocker that a camera has been my tool of choice. In that time I've been blessed with the opportunities to be published internationally and make award winning projects, including church seminars, corporate videos, short movies, and documentary and artistic photography, which has taken me from the streets of New York City to the swamps of Florida and back home again here alongside the marvelous Appalachians in east Tennessee.

     If you have any projects that are along these lines or are similar to what you see on the "Portfolio" page or YouTube channel, feel free to drop me a line about collaborating with whatever you need for photo or video. Regardless of the size of the project, know that everything is treated with a high level of detail and care.



     Ryan Trenkamp